Welcome to Chooka, the home of fashion rain boots.

The once-tame world of rain boots and slippers has been forever changed by Chooka's wildly whimsical designs.

The rubber boot has evolved from being a muddy trudging wellie to become a blank canvas, capable of displaying tremendous works of art. Chooka was born from the idea that utility can be beautiful.

It started with simple, bright colors and polka dots, but then moved quickly to include everything from tattoos to leopard prints.  Chooka rain boots offer an array of dazzling colors and designs to prove that form and function need not come at the price of style.

In any weather, Chookas are more than an accessory to an outfit, Chookas are the outfit.

From the classic and clean Chooka Signature line to the zany and edgy Chookas, Chooka boots’ trend-setting styles feed any passion for fashion.


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